Date Title Source
23-February-2015 Human Rights in the Shadow of the "War on Drugs" University of Iceland, February 2015 N/A
20-February-2015 Implementation of the international drug control treaties: changes in the scope of control of substances, Commission on Narcotic Drugs (2015) UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs
20-February-2015 Legal Opinion from the Office of Legal Affairs: Implementation of the International Drug Control Treaties: Changes in the Scope of Control of Substances, OLA (2015) UN Office of Legal Affairs
01-February-2015 Casualties of War: How the War on Drugs is harming the world’s poorest, Catherine Martin (2015) Open Society Foundations
01-February-2015 Drug Courts: Equivocal Evidence on a Popular Intervention, Joanne Csete & Denise Tomasini-Joshi (2015) Open Society Foundations
01-February-2015 Casualties of War: How the War on Drugs is Harming the World's Poorest, Catherine Martin (February 2015) Health Poverty Action
01-February-2015 Drug courts: equivocal evidence on a popular intervention, Joanne Csete, Denise Tomasini-Joshi (2015) Open Society Foundations
27-January-2015 No 1:Human Rights, Drug Control and the UN Special Procedures: Preventing arbitrary detention through the promotion of human rights in drug control, Julie Hannah, Nahir de la Silva (2015) HRDP
01-January-2015 UNGASS 2016 on The World Drug Problem, Khalid Tinast (2015) The Graduate Institute Geneva: Global Health Programme
01-January-2015 Drug Crop Production, Poverty, and Development, Julia Buxton (2015) Open Society Foundations

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