Promoting Postgraduate Teaching on Human Rights & Drug Policy

Since 2011, the International Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy has engaged more than 700 university students across the globe in innovative teaching projects on human rights and drug policy.  

The HRDP has organized and delivered an array of dynamic lectures on human rights and drug policy to over 300 postgraduate human rights students.  Teaching engagements vary in scope and duration and have included: two-hour lecture or panel presentations, 2-day intensive short course modules, and a semester long assessed LLM module on human rights and drug policy, the first-ever of its kind.

In 2012 and 2013, the HRDP held a series of debates on human rights and drug policy in Europe, Colombia, the United States, and South Africa. These events were organised to offer university students insight into the contemporary challenges of drug control and human rights.  Leading scholars from the international legal community and leading members of civil society led a series of thought-provoking sessions.

New teaching projects are underway for the 2014/2015 academic year, including an exciting collaboration with the University of Essex's Human Rights Clinic.

For more information or to host a lecture event on human rights and drug policy please contact us: