Date Title Source
14-July-2016 HIV and Related Infections in Prisoners 4: HIV, Prisoners and Human Rights (July 2016) The Lancet
14-July-2016 UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Concluding Observations on the Sixth Periodic Report of Sweden (July 2016) UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
16-June-2016 New Report Offers Strategies for Regulating Cannabis in Ways that Uphold and Modernize International Law: Stance of 'Principle of Non-Compliance' with Antiquated UN Drug Treaty Provisions Would Open Door to Needle Reforms (June 2016) Transform
09-June-2016 Mandatory Addiction Treatment for People who use Drugs: global health and human rights analysis (June 2016) BMJ
02-June-2016 Undeniable Atrocities: Confronting Crimes Against Humanity in Mexico, Eric A. Witte, Christian De Vos (June 2016) Open Society Foundations
01-June-2016 Taking a New Line on Drugs (June 2016) Royal Society for Public Health
01-May-2016 Using Science to Battle Stigma in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Opioid Agonist Therapy Saves Lives, Sarah E. Wakeman (May 2016) The American Journal of Medicine
26-April-2016 Inside the Thought-Provoking Museum Protesting the War on Drugs, Greg Scruggs (April 2016) N/A
14-April-2016 Draft Resolution Submitted by the President of the General Assembly: Our Joint Commitment to Effectively Addressing and Countering the World Drug Problem (April 2016) The General Assembly of the United Nations
01-April-2016 Reflections on Drug Policy and its Impact on Human Development: Innovative Approaches (April 2016) UN Development Programme

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