Undeniable Atrocities: Confronting Crimes Against Humanity in Mexico, Eric A. Witte, Christian De Vos (June 2016)

This report was published by the Open Society Foundations in 2016. The report is the culmination of a four-year independent investigation conducted in Mexico of both the various atrocious crimes committed in the country and the accountability and lack of response by Mexico. 

Topics covered are the basis for the epidemic that the abundance of these atrocious crimes have become, the scope of the crisis, specifically crimes against humanity, the political obstacles to criminal accountability and proposed reform. The report specifically identifies how organizations such as the Zetas drug cartel use torture, enforced disappearance and murder in order to control territories, and the lack of criminal responsibility attached to these atrocities by the government. It also sheds a light on the prominent role of the drug cartels in Mexico, and the criminal justice system's inadequate and inappropriate responses to their criminal actions have given rise to a series of violations such as enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killings.

Citation: Eric A. Witte, Christian De Vos, 'Undeniable Atrocities: Confronting Crimed Against Humanity in Mexico' (2016), Open Society Foundations, ISBN: 9781940983622