HRDP Academic Publications

Children of the Drug War: Perspectives on the Impact of Drug Policies on Young People, Damon Barrett (2011)

' Children of the Drug Wa r' is a unique collection of original essays, edited by  Damon  Barrett (Project Director at the International Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy), that investigates the impacts of the war on drugs on children, young people and their  families. With contributions from around the world, providing different… Read more

International Journal on Human Rights and Drugs Journal Volume 2, No. 1, 2012

Human Rights and Drugs, Vol 2, No. 1, 2012  Human Rights and Drugs Vol 2  (PDF, 770 KB)  Open in new tab ISSN 2046-4843 (print) ISSN 2046-4851 (online) CONTENTS Introduction  (PDF, 60 KB)  Open in new tab ORIGINAL ARTICLES Alex Stevens, The ethics and effectiveness of coerced treatment of people who use drugs  (PDF, 153… Read more

The Child’s Right to Protection From Drugs: Understanding History to Move Forward by Damon Barrett (2017) PDF document

This commentary looks to the development of the international drug control and child rights systems to ask questions about the origins of the child’s right to protection from drugs and how that history may affect present understanding of norms. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) stands alone among the core UN human rights… Read more

Editorial: The Case for International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Control by Rick Lines, Richard Elliott, Julie Hannah, Rebecca Schleifer, Tenu Avafia, and Damon Barrett (2017) PDF document

EDITORIAL The Case for International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Control Rick Lines, Richard Elliott, Julie Hannah, Rebecca Schleifer, Tenu Avafia, and Damon Barrett  This special section of Health and Human Rights Journal examines some of the many ways in which international and domestic drug control laws engage human rights and… Read more

International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Control: A Tool for Securing Women’s Rights in Drug Control Policy by Rebecca Schleifer and Luciana Pol (2017) PDF document

This article explores how discrimination and inequality shape access to support and health care for women who use drugs, their experiences in the drug trade and drug control policies. It identifies the disproportionate burdens faced by poor and otherwise marginalized women. Drug control policies often fail to meaningfully address the specific… Read more

Drug Policy and Indigenous Peoples by Julian Burger and Mary Kapron (2017) PDF document

This paper identifies the principal concerns of indigenous peoples with regard to current international treaties on certain psychoactive substances and policies to control and eradicate their production, trafficking, and sale. Indigenous peoples have a specific interest in the issue since their traditional lands have become integrated over time… Read more

The War on Drugs and the Global Colour Line Edited by Kojo Koram. 2019

An international collection of essays revealing the racism inherent in the War on Drugs.   The War on Drugs has led to millions of people dead, displaced and incarcerated. Disproportionately enforced on oppressed races, international drug prohibition has reinforced the colour line across the globe. While laws prohibiting the production, sale… Read more

Damon Barrett: Child Rights and Drug Control in International Law. 2020

Responding to the harms caused by drugs is one of the most challenging social policy issues of our time. In  Child Rights and Drug Control on International Law , Damon Barrett explores the meaning… Read more

What does it mean to adopt a human rights approach to drug policy? by Julie Hannah, Rick Lines and Damon Barrett. 2020

Co-Directors of the International Centre for Human Rights and Drug Policy, Rick Lines, Julie Hannah and Damon Barrett discuss the implications of adopting a human rights approach to drug policy in… Read more