Growers of Prohibited Plants in Heemskerk (March 2016)

Publication date: 15 March 2016

This video was published by the Global Forum of Producers of Prohibited Plants in March 2016, prior to the UNGASS 2016. The documentary depicts a meeting in Heemskerk between farmers of illicit crops from around the world to discuss the reform of current drug policies. 

These farmers tell their stories of how the war on drugs and the prohibition of certain plants affect their lives. An example is crop eradication, and how it has a devastating effect on the health of people in the community where such efforts are put in place, as well as the environmental damage it causes. Where there is crop eradication there is also a lack of alternative development programmes, which in turn destroys the farmers livelihoods without providing an alternative. Another issue that is raised in the meeting is the illegality of certain crops that are used for cultural, religious and medicinal purposes. 

The documentary also sheds light on the various conflicts that follow from these drug policies. In the end the farmers of these illicit drugs ask the UN to deal with the abundance of problems stemming form current drug policy, and to go after the real drug traffickers and not these simple and humble farmers through the Heemskerk Declaration, which is to be communicated to the policy makers in New York.

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Citation: Global Forum of Producers of Prohibited Plants: Video Forum, 'Growers of Prohibited Plants in Heemskerk' 2016, Transnational Institute