Reflections on Drug Policy and its Impact on Human Development: Innovative Approaches (April 2016)

This report was published by the United Nations Development Programme in April 2016. The report sets out a series of case studies that illustrate different innovative drug policy approached that promote sustainable development. 

The topics covered in the case studies are alternative development programmes in Thailand, protecting indigenous rights and promoting sustainable development in Bolivia, community legal aid in Jakarta, Indonesia, decriminalization of drugs for personal and religious use depicting national experiences, drug decriminalization and expungement of past convictions for minor use or possession in Jamaica, law enforcement assisted diversion in Seattle, and access to pain relief in Uganda. The report's purpose is to illustrate to countries that regardless of their economic, political and social circumstances can address drug-related issues in a way that is eliminates the harmful consequences depicted in the report, and to promote drug control in tandem with sustainable development.

Citation: United Nations Development Programme, 'Reflections on Drug Policy and its Impact on Human Developmen: Innovative Approaches' (2016)