Taking a New Line on Drugs (June 2016)

This report was published by the Royal Society for Public Health in 2016. The report addresses the increasing health issues arising from the use of both illegal drugs and legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. It also sets out a new health-led approach to drug policy in the UK. 

Topics covered in the report are the reasons behind substance abuse, drug-related harm, trends amongst illegal drugs, the UK drug strategy with reference to legal enforcement and public confusion, harm reduction in an international light and the need for a new approach. Finally the report sets out a series of key pillars that form the core of the RSPH's public health approach to drug policy. These pillars are closely aligned health-led strategies, prevention through education, evidence-based drug harm profiles, decriminalisation and supporting individuals to reduce and recover from drug harm.

Citation: Royal Society for Public Health, 'Taking a New Line on Drugs' (2016)