Promoting Humane Drug Policy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Publication date: 05 April 2016

This exciting new project in partnership with the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, the Andrey Rylkov Foundation, and Harm Reduction International, builds on strategic human rights litigation around access to opioid substitution therapy.  The European Court of Human Rights is currently reviewing the merits of three cases against Russia where the applicants argue their rights guaranteed under the Convention have been violated as a result of Russia's blanket prohibition of opioid substitution treatment.

Depending upon the outcome from Strasbourg, this judgment could be a powerful advocacy tool for promoting rights-compliant and evidence-based drug policy in the EECA region.  The HRDP will be centralising human rights and evidence-based arguments around access to OST, mobilising existing stakeholders to support regional advocacy, developing a regional advocacy plan within the European and international systems, and preparing pre-judgement advocacy materials and interventions.

Stay tuned for more information!