Security, Development and Human Rights: Normative, Legal and Policy Challenges for the International Drug Control System, Damon Barrett (2010)


This commentary addresses some of the challenges posed by the broader normative, legal and policy framework of the United Nations for the international drug control system. In doing so it draws on existing work and also presents, it is hoped, some new perspectives. The ‘purposes and principles’ of the United Nations are briefly explained and set against the threat based rhetoric of the drug control system and the negative consequences of that regime. Some of the challenges posed by human rights law and norms to the international drug control system are also described, and the need for an impact assessment of the current system alongside alternative policy options is highlighted as a necessary consequence of these analyses.

Citation: Damon Barrett. ‘Security, development and human rights: normative, legal and policy challenges for the international drug control system.’ (21 The International Journal on Drug Policy, 140.) 2010

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